Gen Z

Discovering the zing of the content kings
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm @ Vodafone, 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland City

Gen Z

Today’s post-millennial GenZ kids are growing up with social media in their back pockets, using it to start their own businesses and launch into international fame. Born in 1995 or later, many of these bright young things have been making their own media content since before they could tie their own shoelaces. 

Join our diverse panel for a upbeat discussion of what makes Gen Z tick on the interwebs, which channels they like best, and what consuming a constant flow of micro-media moments might be doing to our brains. 

And don’t be late! Because this month we need to start a bit earlier to accommodate one of our most extraordinarily talented panellists who has to shoot off to her next big thing.


  • Panel


      Jamie Curry

      With 10m+ fans on Facebook, Jamie’s highly entertaining YouTube videos have racked up 1.4m subscribers and have travelled to all corners of the interwebs since she started posting them from her bedroom at 16. She’s now 18 with first book due out by Christmas.


      Damian Christie

      Television producer and presenter Damian Christie launched Yours.NZ as a site for talented students to share and show off their content creations. NZ On Air took notice and then  YoursTV was born, a teen-focussed magazine show screening online at TVNZ.


      Ashlee Adams

      Describing herself as a vegan culinary alchemist, 19-year old Ashlee, started The Coconut Goddess on on Instagram while studying philosophy and writing. She curates the most amazing recipes and posts mouth-watering food images that make you want to eat them Right. This. Minute. Oh and she’s written a book already too!

    • Dr Roger Marshall


      Dr Roger Marshall

      Editor-in-chief of Australasian Marketing Journal, this AUT academic quit the business world to do a PhD in cognitive psychology, researching consumer decision behaviour and how people mentally process information to form attitudes. And one of his doctoral students just finished their thesis on how 11-13 year olds pick up their brand affiliations from Facebook.

  • MC

    • Julie Landry

      Early adopter of new media technologies and gadgets since receiving a Merlin toy in the late 70s. Now rarely seen with fewer than three devices.

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