Through the looking glass

Join us for an evening exploring augmented reality and the much-anticipated Google Glass! Hear from leading experts how AR is evolving and how you can potentially use it within a social media context.

We’ll also be exploring various other uses and will take you through a wonderland of what's around the corner.

The future is bright – we gotta wear shades…. Or Google glass in any case!

Mark Billinghurst

Mark Billinghurst is a Kiwi scientist at the University of Canterbury and a world expert in augmented reality, a science that alters the way people interact with the world around them. He looks at new ways to seamlessly blend the real and digital worlds and enable people to connect and collaborate together.

Mark has recently returned from the US where he was part of core team working on Google Glass, and has kindly agreed to come here to share his story with us. We might even let you play with them!


Imersia will share stories from the edges of a new hyper localised digital frontier. How gamified content and Augmented Reality are shaping a new space for brands, retail and consumers to play. A place of real time engagement, where social networks are no longer dwelling in newsfeeds, but become real and tangible connects within your daily workplace and recreational worlds. How AR is enabling a new breed of participatory, experiental, personalised connects, that evolve through the day in synch with the very way we live our lives.


Your MC for the evening


Thanks to Vodafone our wonderful hosts and Oracle - we love them so much we won't mention the boats.

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