Imagination meets experience: Immersive VR/AR

Wednesday 19 April 2017, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm @ NZI Building, 1 Fanshawe Street, Auckland 1010

OMG! WOW! are normal reactions when one first experiences Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality. Some call it an optical illusion, while others call it the Fourth Revolution. A whole new way to consume content, VR/AR is tipped to be a $162 billion industry by 2020.

Chances are, you've played 360° interactive Minecraft with a controller, caught Pokemon in a park, gestured at an AR hologram or enjoyed immersive video on a VR headset...

Come join us as we explore how VR/AR technology is transforming the world, which real-world applications are out there, and which NZ businesses are already tapping into the future. Dive in to experience the experience. It's your turn to get immersed!

  • Sam Ramlu

    MD, Method

    Sam Ramlu

    Co-founder of Method, Sam has over 15 years’ experience working with NZ and international brands to implement successful and award-winning digital strategies and campaigns.

    She's passionate about creating experiences and stories that connect with audiences and sees technology as a driver and enabler in making these experiences engaging, fun and immersive.

  • Todd Selwyn

    Head of Mobile Portfolio, Samsung NZ

    Todd Selwyn

    Todd brings over 15 years experience in mobile devices and consumer electronics in New Zealand and the UK.

    He has been working for Samsung New Zealand in various roles over the last 5 years including the Head of IT and now Mobile products. Prior to that he was working in the UK for Apple and Philips.

    Current projects are focusing on building and developing the product ecosystem around smartphones, tablets, wearables and the latest VR content consumption and creation products Samsung is bringing to the New Zealand consumer market.

  • Ross McDougall

    MD, Catch Thirty Three

    Ross McDougall

    Ross McDougall is a VR Gamer, Social Media Consultant and Musician. As an early adopter of VR, Ross has incorporated many VR solutions into his gaming activity. Ross recently travelled to CES 2017 with Lenovo ANZ to catch all the latest in AR & VR technology.

    When not gaming, Ross can be found playing guitar for the Heavy Metal band Saving Grace.

  • Tom Reidy

    Head of Social media & Digital Innovation, TAG The Agency

    Tom Reidy

    The digital world has moved on from interruptive marketing. Now, we follow a more respectful approach to consumers, tell a story and inspire them to act. The world of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality allows us to tell immersive stories for brands, placing consumers at the heart of the story.

    At TAG The Agency, Tom leads the development of the VR Studio. Focusing on platforms over content, he works with the team to develop iOS based apps to showcase the production work, at the same time building a platform to allow clients launch their own unique and high quality VR experience.

  • Sebastian Deans

    NZ Sales Director, Plattar

    Sebastian Deans

    With over 10 years experience in digital technologies, Bazz has been on the frontline of digital innovation in New Zealand. Staying ahead of the technological curve he has lead Plattar and One Fat Sheep to pioneer in augmented, mixed and virtual reality experiences for some of New Zealand and the world's most recognised brands, including Red Bull, Hermes, News Corp, Ray White and Air New Zealand. 

    Bazz will take you through a journey of Augmented Reality and 360 degree video and help build a deeper understanding of these two powerhouses of digital technologies. 

  • Amar Trivedi

    Social Media Community Manager

    Amar Trivedi

    Amar Trivedi has international experience in digital marketing and communications across cultures, markets and brands. He helps companies achieve success via social business, counseling leadership teams in deploying social technology to build collaborative relationships.

    Currently, Amar is Samsung NZ Social Media Community Manager with Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu.

    A blogger, copywriter, public speaker, digital storyteller, open networker, guest lecturer, Amar loves sharing his passion for innovation, creativity, design thinking, fun, hope, help and happiness - and how they all converge in the workplace.

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