The kids are alright, or are they?

The next generation on social media

The kids are alright, or are they?

The rise of BYOD in schools and explosion of mobile msg apps like Snapchat are giving teens new toys to play with for better or for worse. The headlines are telling us mobile social media is causing havoc with teens, making it easier to hurl abuse.

But it's not all doom and gloom.

Some, like musician Lorde and internet sensation Jamie Curry, are finding fame and fortune. While others will soon be walking into our workforce whirling and twirling their favourite shiny new gadgets in a couple of years time.

Are you up with the play? We ask our panellists if they think the kids are alright.

Intro from Geri Ellis, GM Digital at Vodafone

Main event video


Tim Lambourne, TVNZ “U Late”

Tim presents TVNZ’s “U late” weeknights at 10.30pm. The live show features special guests, live viewer chat and heaps of lols including those sent in via Twitter, Facebook and other social channels. Many of his viewers watch the show on telly with one eye while the other is on another screen watching their favourite social channel.


Claire O’Connell, Facebook

Claire’s been with Facebook for more than three years; first in London, then in Auckland where she heads up NZ sales. Before that she worked at Bebo and before that it was Myspace, which means that Claire is a serious expert in how everyone - including teens - is using social networks.

Zane Scarborough, ATTITUDE

Zane has delivered more than 1,200 presentations to 120,000 New Zealand high school students since 2006, and is now manager of the ATTITUDE, the youth education division of Parents Inc. Its programme topics include drugs and alcohol, sex, depression, youth suicide, and now social media and technology, which Zane was involved in developing.

Elle Hunt, Radio New Zealand, Youth Online project

Elle Hunt is a content producer for Radio New Zealand’s upcoming Youth Online project, a website tasked with delivering public service media for the digital age and the “Millennial” generation. She is better known for tweeting about pop music. She's coming up all the way from Wellington to participate in her first SMCAKL panel.


We asked our panellists questions like:

  • How are youth using social media differently from us adults?
  • What are they doing beyond socialising, if anything?
  • How do you think they’ll be using social media in 2-3yrs?
  • How did a New Zealand teen’s Facebook page rack up 3 million likes?!
  • How can organisations embrace the enthusiasm of youth’s social media use so that it’s put to good use for the company and its customers?


Shiny New Thing: #TwitterAds in New Zealand

In February this year Komli began working with Twitter to bring its advertising services to New Zealand.  Komli's Rod Russell will show us Twitters advertising platform and its targeting capabilities, share some insights with us, and advise on some recent developments at Twitter.




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