Social Media and Sex

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Sex, dating and ‘hook ups’ are nothing new. But when you add social media and gamification apps like Tinder and Snapchat to the mix, does this up the ante?

Is swiping left any shallower than mentally discounting the guy/girl next to you at the bar?
Can we make real connections online or is it just a self-validation game?

Sex on the internet thrives on privacy, while social media relies on public sharing. What happens when these two things collide?

Join us to discuss the secrets and lies we tell online...


Louise Campagnone

Louise is head of FindSomeone – New Zealand’s biggest and longest running online dating website. Having played witness to a number of online dating success stories, Louise brings a unique point of view to the panel. Her experience with FindSomeone clients (both online and via nationwide singles events) also gives her incredible insight into the common stigmas connected to the online dating world.

Responsible for bringing New Zealand’s first Pheromone Party to life later this year, Louise has a range of unique views to share on this month’s topic.

Kyle MacDonald

Kyle is an experienced psychotherapist with an interest in relationships and the way technology is impacting our interactions. Co-director of Robert Street Clinic in Ellerslie; Kyle has worked in mental health, addiction, domestic violence and specialist psychotherapy programmes.

No stranger to the public eye, Kyle contributes weekly to the Radio Live show Sunday Mornings with Mark Sainsbury. His regular interviews offer helpful advice about how to use the skills of Mindfulness and the research of “positive psychology” to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

Trak Gray

Trak is the Digital Social Marketing Co-ordinator for the Love Your Condom program at the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.  Since starting in this role 9 months ago, Trak has lead the development of LYC’s social media strategy and headed a number social media projects including the LYC Snapchat Scavenger Hunt at the LYC Big Gay Out and our guys only remake of the FIRST KISS video.

Trak is an advocate of using social media to encourage safer sex and says that he loves discovering new ways of using existing platforms to achieve engagement.


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