Conspiracies & Scams

Can we trust anyone online?
Wednesday 15 April 2015, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm @ Vodafone, 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland City

In 2014, Kiwis reported nearly $8 million in losses from online fraud and scams with $3.1 million lost in investment scams, while romance scam victims lost $1.5 million.

Why do so many of us get duped by online scams and conspiracies? How does social media help fraudsters spread their scams? The internet gives us access to all the information we need, but has it also robbed us of our critical thinking?

Join us as we tackle these and other topics, and be prepared for something unexpected…


The Enforcer: Toni Demetriou, Department of Internal Affairs

Toni Demetriou

Toni is manager of the Electronic Messaging Compliance Unit (the “Spam Team”) at the Department of Internal Affairs. Toni and his team focus on responsive regulation and enforcement against spam and online scams. With an MSc (Hons) in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation, Toni has followed the evolution of cyber crime for years.

The Educator: Chris Hails, NetSafe

Chris Hails

As Digital Project Manager at NetSafe, Chris specialises in cyber crime and security issues affecting New Zealanders. NetSafe promotes confident, safe, and responsible use of online technologies. A former journalist, Chris manages NetSafe’s social media accounts and newsletters.

The Policymaker: Heather Ward, National Cyber Policy Office/Connect Smart

Heather Ward

Heather is the Principal Advisor for Connect Smart in the National Cyber Policy Office of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Connect Smart aims to improve New Zealand’s cyber security capability and to encourage Kiwis and organisations to use the internet in a smart way. Heather is also leading work to refresh the government’s Cyber Security Strategy.


Louis van Wyk

Louis van Wyk is owner and director of Pravda Communications, a PR and social media consultancy specialising in B2B communications and content marketing. A former tech journalist, Louis is working on his second epic sci-fi novel, having given up on his first in 1998.

Shiny New Thing

Spike: Email With Purpose

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