Twitterati vs Journalism

Flame wars
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm @ Vodafone, 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland City

Twitterati vs Journalism

A recent survey of British journalists generated the comment that they were "frightened" about the "shift from proper journalism to 'clickbait' stories about things like giant, killer spiders".

They added: "I fear for my job, the young people coming into the industry and the public who will soon live off nothing but attention-seeking, fact-free, gossipy clickbait."

Ironically, Twitter seems to have become the battleground in the struggle for news vs clickbait with the so-called twitteratti calling out mainstream media for poorly written, unbalanced and irrelevant reporting. Cries of pile-ons, bullying and flouncing off in a huff often ensue. Is this fair? Or is it a case of tears before bedtime as journalists are forced to become clickbait harvesters while social media users become news reporters?

Join our panel for a lively debate of the twitterati vs journalism flame wars and what the future looks like for news reporting in the social age.